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Package Details

Product Type:
Ornate Post Box
£35 (hired on its own)
£25 (with a cart package)

Product Overview

Our Ornate post box makes for a beautiful post box for cards for weddings, birthdays and other such events where guests will likely bring a card. A stunningly detailed post box that will give an additional wow-factor to your event as well as being purposeful. The white colour allows this post box to slide in easily with any theme. The ornate post box comes with a key which makes it a lockable box to keep safe your cards. This key will be in your possession when hiring the post box. The key comes with a coloured ribbon to tie into your theme. The ornate post box is available to hire in Essex and surrounding areas for your wedding, birthday, christening, baby shower or other ceremonies and events. Colour: White; Material: Aluminium post box with cast-iron stand; Height: 152cm; Width: 55cm.