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100 Mainstreet Center, Sydney
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Package Details

Product Type:
Fully Loaded Cart
£225 (up to 100 guests)

Product Overview

The Fully Loaded Cart Hire (Our Gold Package) gives you peace of mind that everything is arranged for you. All the sweets, glass jars, tongs and scoops are provided along with sweet bags in your choice of colour and decorations to match your theme. We can be as creative as you would like us to be. We love creating a themed sweet cart to match the event, to create a stand-out focal point and a fun yet practical photo opportunity. At So Sweet Cart Hire and More, we are able to decorate the Fully Loaded Sweet Cart taking inspiration from your theme but always checking with you that what we are creating is to your desire. We can give you the option of choice with the decorations, allowing you to make suggestions and choose what you think would work best for your theme or you can let us take free-reign.