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Product Type:
Custom Fully Loaded
£245 (up to 100 guests)

Product Overview

Our Sweet Cart Hire allows for Customised Carts, we love to encourage you to use our cart as a way to show your personality or to really tie together a theme of an event. From a Harry Potter Sweet Cart to a Football Focused Sweet Cart, to a Perfectly Pastel themed Candy Cart to a Bold and Bright Candy Cart, the options are endless. To give you an example of how we helped tie-in a theme at a recent event, for a 30th Birthday Party we matched the Sweet Cart to their Tropical Island Birthday Holiday. We transformed the cart to a Tropical Cart. Another idea that has been popular at birthday parties is the birthday person’s relative or friend providing  us with baby pictures of the birthday person for us to display hanging on the cart using our small gold pegs and light up string.